Wednesday, April 2, 2008

'State v. Schaefer' 2008 WI 25

The Wisconsin Supreme court issued its opinion today in this case (2006AP1826-CRAC) on the Court of Appeals certification of the question "Does a criminal defendant have a subpoena right to obtain and copy police investigation reports and nonprivileged materials prior to the preliminary hearing?"
Opinion by Justice Prosser, with Justices Crooks, Roggensack, and Ziegler
Concurrence by Chief Justice Abrahamson, with Justices Bradley and Butler

Criminal Procedure: Preliminary Hearings - No Defense Right to Subpoena Police Reports Before Preliminary Hearing
Supreme Court Digest, by Prof. Daniel D. Blinka and Prof. Thomas J. Hammer, Wisconsin Lawyer, May 2008

Criminal Law/ Subpoena Power Of Defense/ Constitutional Law/ Statutes/ Statutory Construction-Interpretation/ Discovery/ Procedure/ Ineffective Assistance Of Counsel
CaseLaw Express, Week of March 31, 2008

Criminal Procedure: Discovery, Wisconsin Law Journal case digest