Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Supreme Court rules hearings and conferences January 21, 2010

9:30 a.m. In the matter of amendment of Wis. Stat. ss. 802.10, 804.08, 804.09, 804.12, and 805.07 (09-01) Petition, on Electronic Discovery

Scope of proposed electronic discovery rules debated at public hearing, by Alex De Grand, State Bar of Wisconsin

Proposed Rules for Electronic Discovery, by Timothy D. Edwards and Matthew Stippich, Wisconsin Lawyer, December 2009

Supreme Court sets 2010 schedule of rule-making proceedings, by Adam Korbitz, Government Relations Coordinator, State Bar of Wisconsin

In the Matter of Amendments to Wisconsin Supreme Court Internal Operating Procedures II.B.5, III.A. and III.B.5., Petition, on determing if and by whom requests for rules changes are heard

Proposed order on judicial donations remains up for debate: Court says gifts can't force recusals, but rule needs final approval, by Patrick Marley, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (see posts on recusal)