Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Petition filed to require unpublished opinions in petitions for review

On February 5, 2010 David R. Schanker, Supreme Court Clerk filed a Petition with the Wisconsin Supreme Court
to require the filer of a petition for review to include in the appendix a copy of any unpublished opinion cited under ss. 809.23(3)(a) or (3)(b) on the basis that unpublished opinions are not available in the official case reporters. This petition is intended to complement the Court of Appeals’ petition (Petition 10-01), which proposed a similar rule requiring that the appendix to a brief contain a copy of such unpublished opinions. [See Petition filed to require unpublished opinions in appellate appendices]
In re: Proposed Amendments to Wis. Stat. Rule 809.62(2)(f) relating to content of Appendix to Petitions for Review (10-02)