Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Strategic Planning Committee forwards mandatory/voluntary bar report to Board of Governors

Tom Solberg, Media Relations Coordinator, State Bar of Wisconsin, reported on the Board of Governors resolution:
1. That the report of the Strategic Planning Committee attached to this resolution is accepted and placed on file; and
2. That the Wisconsin Supreme Court be asked to review the status of the integrated bar; and
3. That the Strategic Planning Committee is authorized to draft and to file two or more petitions with the Wisconsin Supreme Court requesting that it review the status of the integrated bar and whether it should be modified or made voluntary; and
4. That all members of the Board of Governors are invited to participate in drafting and advancing the respective petitions.
See Future of the State Bar: Mandatory/Voluntary Membership Study

Update: The Moment Is Here, 'President's Message' column by Douglas W. Kammer, Wisconsin Lawyer, February 2010