Monday, March 22, 2010

On appeal, week of March 22, 2010

Opinions issued this week by the Wisconsin Supreme Court and Wisconsin Court of Appeals

Caselaw Express, Week of March 22, 2010

Wisconsin Supreme Court Oral Argument Schedule for April 2010 (updated March 1, 2010)

Wisconsin Supreme Court Pending Cases (updated March 15, 2010)

Supreme Court accepts five new cases -

Metro Milw. Assoc. of Comm. v. 9to5 Nat’l. Assoc. of Working Women (2009AP1874-AC) certification
State high court to consider sick day law, by Georgia Pabst, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

State v. Forbush (2008AP3007-CR) review of 2010 WI App 11

Werner v. Hendree (2008AP2045) review of 2009 WI APP 103

State v. Patterson (2008AP1968) review of 2009 WI APP 161

State v. Conner (2008AP1296-CR) review of 2009 WI APP 143

Wisconsin Supreme Court Pending Rules Petitions (updated December 11, 2009)

Wisconsin Court of Appeals Oral Argument Schedule (updated March 4, 2010)