Friday, April 30, 2010

On appeal, week of April 26, 2010

Opinions issued this week by the Wisconsin Supreme Court and Wisconsin Court of Appeals

Wisconsin Supreme Court Oral Argument Schedule for April 2010 (updated March 1, 2010)

Wisconsin Supreme Court Pending Cases (updated April 27, 2010) added:

Foley-Ciccantelli v. Bishop's Grove Condominium Association, Inc. (2009AP688) review on the issue:
Can a circuit court disqualify retained counsel-of-record in a civil suit, thereby denying the client the right to representation by chosen counsel and restricting the attorney’s right to practice law in a civil action, where the attorney previously represented a nonparty witness for the opposing side?
Synopsis at Supreme Court accepts one new case

Wisconsin Supreme Court Pending Rules Petitions (updated March 25, 2010)

Wisconsin Court of Appeals Oral Argument Schedule (updated April 26, 2010)