Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Decision in 'State v. Conger' 2010 WI 56

Supreme Court upholds trial judges' broad power to reject plea deals, by Bruce Vielmetti at Proof and Hearsay

Plea Bargain – Rejection, by the Wisconsin State Public Defender, at On Point

Courts may reject plea agreements, by David Ziemer, Wisconsin Law Journal

Trial court can veto plea agreements if in the public interest,by Joe Forward, State Bar of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Supreme Court decision today in this case (2008AP755-CR) affirming the Court of Appeals orders denying motions to amend and to recuse, and remanding its order designating the circuit court an intervenor-respondent. See Argument.

Opinion by Justice Crooks, joined by Justices Bradley, Roggensack, Ziegler, and Gableman.
Concurrence by Chief Justice Abrahamson.
Dissent by Justice Prosser.