Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Decision in 'Blum v. 1st Auto & Casualty Ins. Co.' 2010 WI 78

Supreme Court dumbs down legal research, by David Ziemer, Wisconsin Law Journal

Binding Authority – Overruled Court of Appeals Decision, by the Wisconsin State Public Defender, at On Point

Overruled appeals cases possess no precedential value; uninsured motorist must be negligent to trigger coverage, by Joe Forward, State Bar of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Supreme Court decision today in this case (2008AP1324) affirming the Court of Appeals, 2009 WI App 19, 315 Wis. 2d 822, 762 N.W.2d 819. See Argument.

Opinion by Justice Prosser, joined by Justice Crooks.
Concurrence and dissent by Justice Bradley, joined by Chief Justice Abrahamson.
Concurrence and dissent by Justice Roggensack, joined by Justices Ziegler and Gableman.