Friday, June 3, 2011

June 2011 arguments and hearings

June 6, 2011 Wisconsin Supreme Court

9:45 a.m. State v. Circuit Court for Dane County (2011AP765-W)
Per the court's May 4, 2011 order summarized on the docket "ORD that the resp., Circ. Crt for Dane Co., et al., shall each file a response to the petition for supervisory writ and for imm. temp. relief, with a supp. memo, on the issue of whether this court should accept juris. over the writ and on the merits of the substantive issues raised in the writ, on or before 5/18/2011. The response and supp. memo combined may not exceed 50 pages mono or 11,000 words proportional font is used. In lieu of such a response, a resp. may file a letter stating that he, she or it does not intend to file a response, but that the petition is not thereby admitted. See Wis. Stat. (Rule) 809.51(2).FRO that the pet. shall file a single reply to the responses on or before 5/27/11. The reply and supporting memo combined may not exceed 50 pages monospaced or 11,000 words proportional. The reply and supp. memo shall not incorporate by ref. any portion of the writ; instead, any material in that doc. upon which there is reliance should be restated in the reply.FRO that in add. to addressing the issues raised in the writ, the responses and reply shall address: (1) whether the writ should be dism. because pet. are not parties to the underlying action in the circ. crt., see In re Pet. of Heil, 230 Wis. 428, 284 N.W. 42 (1938-39); (2) whether the writ should be recast as a petition for orig. action publici juris, see WI Prof. Police Assn v. Lightbourn, 2001 WI 59, 243 Wis. 2d 512, 627 N.W.2d 807, and if recast, whether the parties should be realigned; (3) whether all resp. have been served with the writ; (4) whether any of the resp. intend to raise any issues or obj. regarding serv. of the writ, incl. immunity; (5) whether the DOJ represents J. Fitzgerald, S. Fitzgerald, M. Ellis, S. Suder, the Joint Comm. on Conf., the WI Senate, and/or the WI Assembly, as it does in the circ. crt; and (6) whether the Circ. Crt for Dane Co. is rep. by coun. and, if so, by whom. FRO that it is the court's intent to hold oral arg. on 6/6/2011 at 9:45."

Wisconsin Supreme Court to hear union case, by Scott Bauer, Associated Press, in Appleton Post-Crescent, May 5, 2011
(via WisPolitics)

June 7, 2011 Wisconsin Court of Appeals

10:00 a.m. McFarland State Bank v. Sherry (2010AP2473)

June 14, 2011 Wisconsin Court of Appeals

1:00 p.m. WI DNR v. Building and All Related or Attached Structures (2010AP2076)

June 23, 2011 Wisconsin Court of Appeals

9:30 a.m. State v. Davis (2010AP1856)