Saturday, September 1, 2012

Incompatibility clause continued

Following up on the post below on the incompatibility clause, here are:

PolitiFact Wisconsin's post on Ryan says candidates for Congress can’t remove themselves from the ballot

Congressman and Vice President and President of the Senate: Can Paul Ryan hold them all at the same time? -- First in a Series of Guest Posts by Seth Barrett Tillman, at Dorf on Law

How Far Do Text and Early History Take Us? A Comment on Seth Barrett Tillman's Intriguing Argument, by Mike Dorf

Coda on Dual Service in Congress and as VP: Seth Barrett Tillman Replies, by Mike Dorf, with an exchange between Tillman and Professor Marty Lederman in the comments

P.S. Seth Barrett Tillman, Member Of The House Of Representatives And Vice President Of The United States: Can Ryan Hold Both Positions At The Same Time?, Jurist, forthcoming circa Aug.-Sept. 2012, available for download here