Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Law enforcement union sues over collective bargaining law

Ed Treleven reports at the Wisconsin State Journal.
"A Wisconsin law enforcement union sued the state Tuesday over the state's collective bargaining law, [2011 Wisconsin Act 10] alleging that the portions of the law pertaining to teachers and municipal workers that were found unconstitutional by a Dane County judge are also unconstitutional for state workers. ...

"According to the lawsuit, prior to the law taking effect, WLEA included state troopers and inspectors, along with Capitol and UW police officers and detectives, DMV field agents and police communication officers.

"Only state troopers and inspectors retained their union rights as part of a new unit carved out called 'public safety' employees, the union said in a news release. ..."
Wisconsin Law Enforcement Association v. Walker, Dane County Circuit Court case no. 2012CV4474, Judge John W. Markson