Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gov. Scott Walker's rules overhaul would make it harder to obtain unemployment benefits

Jason Stein reports in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. [The headline on my print copy was 'Walker wants broad overhaul of state rules'.]
"Just before his 'state of the state' speech Tuesday, Walker released a report on the findings of a board of small-business owners and lawmakers he commissioned to overhaul the state's regulations and boost the economy."
It's the 2013 Wisconsin Regulatory Review Report [pdf]
"Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) has already spoken up with strong support for the idea of overhauling regulations and said that his GOP caucus would consider Walker's recommendations and then go even further in their review. Vos wants Assembly committees to review the 1,768 chapters of state rules - nearly 11,800 pages in all - in their respective areas of specialty to find places where the regulations can be reduced or eliminated."
Here's the Wisconsin Administrative Code.