Saturday, January 5, 2013

Judge allows wolf hunting with dogs

The Associated Press and Paul A. Smith report in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
"[Dane County Circuit Judge Peter] Anderson's specific ruling was that [Wisconsin Administrative Code section] NR 17.4 on dog trials and training was 'invalid' with regard to wolves. The section of Wisconsin Administrative Code was written in 2003, before wolves were a game species in the state [2011 Wisconsin Act 169], and includes no language about wolves.

"'It is not sufficient for the agency to disregard all the evidence on this issue,' Anderson said. 'Or more specifically, to do nothing.'

"Simultaneous with his ruling, the judge dissolved a temporary injunction issued last year that prohibited the use of dogs to hunt wolves. ..."
Wisconsin Federated Humane Societies Inc. v. Stepp, Dane County Case Number 2012CV3188