Monday, April 1, 2013

Balance of Power, Future of Key Issues at Stake in Wisconsin Court

Jake Grovum posts at Stateline.
'The eventual political split of the court could be of particular significance if three issues find their way before it, as is expected. First, two separate legal challenges have temporarily blocked the state’s voter ID law from taking effect, but one or both could soon be on the Supreme Court’s docket.

'Second, while Walker’s plan to strip collective bargaining rights for most public employees has taken effect, labor unions haven’t given up the fight. If they manage to get the issue before the Supreme Court again, they hope to have a more sympathetic majority hearing their case than last time.

'And finally, Wisconsin, like many other states around the country, is seeing a dispute play out between business and environmental interests over mining — in this case, controversial open-pit, iron ore mining. That, too, has been brought before lower courts and many believe it’s a matter of time before the Supreme Court will weigh in.'