Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wisconsin Supreme Court accepts six new cases

The Wisconsin Supreme Court announced it has accepted the following cases.
State v. Pinnow (2011AP2424-CR) and State v. Seaton (2012AP918)
Kochanski v. Speedway Superamerica (2011AP1956)
State v. Robinson (2011AP2833-CR)
State v. Lopez (2011AP2733-CR)
Milwaukee Co. v. Mary F.-R. (2012AP958)
State v. Jackson (2011AP2698-CR)
Among the cases not accepted was State v. Wallace (2011AP2502-CR), Justice David T. Prosser, Jr. dissents.

P.S. The Supreme Court Table of Pending Cases was updated April 1, 2013; 'Added recently accepted cases [State v. Magett] 2010AP1639-CR, [State v. Subdiaz-Osorio] 2010AP3016-CR and [Nowell v. City of Wausau] 2011AP1045'.

Update: Our State Bar posts Wisconsin Supreme Court Adds Six New Cases to its Docket.