Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wisconsin Supreme Court Issues 98 Opinions in 2012-13 Term

Our State Bar reported,
"This term, which began on Sept. 1, 2012, the state’s high court has released opinions in 31 civil cases, 25 criminal cases, and 42 attorney disciplinary cases. In the 2011-12 term, the court issued opinions in 42 civil cases, 20 criminal cases, and 40 disciplinary cases."
Here is a list for Sept 1, 2012-Aug 31, 2013.
"Of the 758 petitions for review that were filed this term, the court has accepted review in 49 cases. About 390 petitions for review are still pending. The court, which has discretion to hear cases, also granted two bypass petitions and nine certifications."
The court's Table of Pending Cases does not include pending lawyer disciplinary matters, though any oral argument on these matters is calendared with cases. Rule matters have a separate docket and hearing calendar. (I realize there are significant procedural differences, but still would prefer a consolidated docket and calendar.)

The article includes "some of the major decisions of the term – as reported by the State Bar of Wisconsin – based on type of case, with a link to the State Bar article on the decision."