Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The professor vs. the state bar, and affirmative action

California's State Bar, that is. The Los Angeles Times editorializes,
"for several years now, the California bar has resisted attempts by a critic of racial preferences to obtain information about the test scores and grades of graduates who take the state bar examination.

"Last week, the California Supreme Court wisely rejected the state bar's argument and ruled it must turn over the information to Richard Sander, a law professor at UCLA, and other researchers — provided that a way is found to protect the identities of individual test-takers. The decision is more than just a big win for Sander in his study of affirmative action; it is a victory for citizens' right to know about the workings of all public institutions."

Sander v. State Bar of California, case information (via Mickey Kaus Twitter feed)