Monday, January 27, 2014

Court delays consideration of State Bar bylaw amendments on removal of officers and board members

WisBar News reported on last week's Wisconsin Supreme Court hearing.
"The bylaw amendment here allows the removal of officers or governors who are unable or unwilling to fulfill their duties or if their conduct 'is contrary to the best interest of the State Bar as determined by an affirmative vote of 75 percent' of the total 52-member board."
In opposition,
"{Steve] Levine noted that he offered an amendment to insulate governors and officers from removal for exercising free speech rights, but the board voted against it 34-3."
Among arguments in support,
"Roberta Howell, counsel for the State Bar, argued that 'free speech rights are not absolute' and there could be situations in which certain speech or conduct by officers or governors would serve as an appropriate basis for removal."