Monday, February 10, 2014

A ‘wildcat pouncing on a porcupine’

Eric Heisig posted at Court Gestures in the Wisconsin Law Journal,
It seems like the State Bar may be a little hurt over questions the Supreme Court asked them during a hearing Jan. 21 about a petition that seeks the ability to boot a member of the Board of Governors.

"During a BOG meeting Friday [January 31], Bar President Pat Fiedler told the governors that the judges had 'peppered' him and others with questions. Assistant Executive Director Lynda Tanner also implied that the justices were rough. ...

"The justices, much like the idea’s detractors, appeared especially skeptical when they asked about a provision in the bar’s bylaws that states a governor can be removed when he or she 'engages in conduct which is contrary to the best interest of the State Bar.'

"They seemed to back the arguments made by BOG member Steve Levine, who has said the bylaws do not cover free speech. Levine filed a petition for the court to review the new bylaw. ..."