Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fight for your rights

In this editorial, the Wisconsin Law Journal opposes the State Bar's rule petition 13-07, now pending before the Wisconsin Supreme Court, related to amendment of the Bar's bylaws.
"The bylaw, if allowed to stand, would let the BOG [Board of Governors], albeit by a 75 percent vote, remove an officer for voicing concerns contrary to the majority opinion of the bar.

"That quashes the sort of healthy debate necessary for a group that wields extraordinary power over the rights and responsibilities of Wisconsin’s legal community.

"Bar members in favor of the bylaw have said any concerns about an abuse of power should be handled in court, by a legal challenge brought by any person who claims his or her rights were violated.

"But there is a less costly, less contentious solution. If the bar has no interest in stifling dissent, as State Bar President Pat Fiedler has insisted, then it should make its intention clear in the bylaw."