Monday, May 5, 2014

Board of Governors Briefed on Use of Outside Counsel Policy

Andrea Gage posted at Rotunda Report.
"Prior to the meeting, some members had questioned whether the State Bar should have hired outside counsel to defend a bylaw the BOG passed in June 2013 by a vote of 38 to 2, which stated that the BOG could remove a governor by a vote of 75 percent of the entire board if he or she engaged in conduct 'contrary to the best interest of the State Bar.'

"State Bar President Patrick J. Fiedler, who participated in the discussion (which was held in closed session because it addressed matters related to litigation), said the Board stands firmly behind its actions."

See State Bar Officers and Board of Governors (13-07) and State Bar Bylaw Amendment - Removal by Board of Governors (13-13).