Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cross-border traffic stop; On WRTL v. Barland; Materially adverse job assignments; etc.

Recent news and comment on law and policy:

Administrative Law & Regulation

$7,488,665: how ASM allocates millions of student dollars, by Rachael Lallensack, The Badger Herald

Criminal Law & Procedure

Officer’s out-of-jurisdiction traffic stop justified by both 'emergency situation' and 'fresh pursuit' rules, On Point, Wisconsin State Public Defender, on New Berlin v. Downey, 2013AP2352-FT

Environmental Law & Property Rights

Against the EPA, Absurdity Is No Defense, by Jeremy A. Rabkin, Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy, Volume 37 – Issue 1, based on his presentation at the 2013 Federalist Society National Student Symposium

Remaining Defendants in RICO Suit Settle with Feld Entertainment for $15.75 Million, Judicial Hellholes

Federalism & Separation of Powers

@hamilton RT @publius hay guyz i think ppl voting in democracy 4 d uniting states FTW whatchoo think LMK, by Tim Rosenblatt, Mr. Rosenblatt: The Blog

Free Speech & Election Law

Seventh Circuit Appeals Court Clarifies Wisconsin’s Campaign Finance Laws, by Joe Forward, WisBar News, on Wisconsin Right to Life Inc. v. Barland, No. 12-2915

Why The Court of Appeals Decision on WI Campaign Finance Matters, by Rick Esenberg, Right Wisconsin (via WisOpinion)

Wisconsin Right to Life v. Barland (7th Cir. May 14, 2014), by Mike B. Wittenwyler, Godfrey & Kahn S.C., Madison

Labor & Employment Law

WILL Puts Madison School Board On Notice, by CJ Szafir, Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty

What Job Assignments Are Materially Adverse? by Geoffrey S. Trotier, von Briesen & Roper S.C., Milwaukee

Handling Requests for Leave Due to Domestic Violence Issues, by Ola A. Nunez, Gonzalez Saggio & Harlan LLP

Lessons from the NBA Lockout: Union Democracy, Public Support, and the Folly of the National Basketball Players Association, Matthew J. Parlow, Marquette University Law School, Oklahoma Law Review, Vol. 67, No. 1, 2014, Marquette Law School Legal Studies Paper No. 14-17