Friday, May 30, 2014

Wisconsin Federalinks Fri May 30th

Upcoming Milwaukee Chapter events: June 25th Hans von Spakovsky; July 17th Jeremy Rabkin; July 24th summer reception.

Recent news and comment on law and policy (with update to Free Speech & Election Law):

Administrative Law & Regulation

Provider Self Disclosure Process, by John H. Fisher, II, The Blue Ink, Ruder Ware, L.L.S.C., Wausau

IRS releases draft version of Form 1023-EZ - Streamlined Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501(c)(3), by Christopher Schmidt, Boardman & Clark LLP, Madison

Wisconsin Administrative Register No. 701 [part b]. Published by the Legislative Reference Bureau. Effective Date: June 1, 2014

Corporations, Securities & Antitrust

Lorillard-Reynolds cigarette deal would face regulatory risk: antitrust experts, Reuters (via University of Wisconsin Law School)

Criminal Law & Procedure

SCOW: Circuit courts must decide expunction at sentencing, , On Point, Wisconsin State Public Defender, on State v. Matasek, 2014 WI 27 (2012AP1582-CR)

Who Pays the Damages for Child Pornography? by Paul G. Cassell and John G. Malcolm, Practice Group Podcast, The Federalist Society, on Paroline v. United States

Environmental Law & Property Rights

Good intentions, bad results: Wind power doesn’t live up to its hype, by Larry Kaufman, Wisconsin Interest

Federalism & Separation of Powers

Van Hollen makes stay request in gay marriage case, by Scott Bauer, Associated Press, at Wisconsin Law Journal

Free Speech & Election Law

Update: John Doe targets sue Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board, by M.D. Kittle, Wisconsin Reporter (via Vicki Mckenna)

John Doe ruling alters campaign terrain, by Bill Lueders, Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism, at Wisconsin Law Journal

Judge Rudolph Randa's decision looks solid, by Richard M. Esenberg, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Intellectual Property

Data Transfer: by Alex Wright, Risk & Insurance. 'The risks involved in transferring data in an M&A deal include the loss of vital intellectual property and other unforeseen costs resulting from software access contracts not being properly checked.'

International & National Security Law

Point of Attack: Preventative War, International Law, and Global Welfare, with John C. Yoo and Michael W. Lewis, Practice Group Podcast, The Federalist Society

Labor & Employment Law

Wisconsin Social Media Legislation Signed by Governor Walker, by Daniel Finerty and Samantha Wood, Lindner & Marsack S.C., Milwaukee

IRS Announces Section 409A Audit Initiative, by David Olson, Quarles & Brady LLP, Milwaukee

How Will the Legalization of Marijuana Affect Employers? by Vance O. Knapp, Sherman & Howard, Denver, DRI Featured Article

Professional Responsibility & Legal Education

The tortuous tale behind the 10th edition of the most widely cited lawbook in the world, by Bryan A. Garner, ABA Journal