Friday, June 27, 2014

Wisconsin Federalinks Fri June 27th

Milwaukee Chapter events: July 17th Jeremy Rabkin; July 23rd summer reception; August 19th F.H. Buckley;

Recent news and comment on law and policy:

Administrative Law & Regulation

Wausau and Other Wisconsin Taxpayers Beware of Tax Jail Scam, by Amy E. Wesner, The Blue Ink, Ruder Ware L.L.S.C., Wausau

Criminal Law & Procedure

Bifurcated sentences for enhanced misdemeanors reversed because they violate the 75% rule, On Point, Wisconsin State Public Defender, on State v. Alston, 2013AP1833-CR and 2013AP1834-CR

Federalism & Separation of Powers

Just Married? The Current Legal Status of Wisconsin Same-Sex Marriages, by Christopher Krimmer, WisBar News

Obama's Enforcer: Eric Holder's Justice Department, with John Fund and Hans A. von Spakovsky, Practice Group Podcast, Federalist Society

'Boies and Olson ... and their giant PR machine', Emily Bazelon reviews Redeeming the Dream: The Case for Marriage Equality, by David Boies and Theodore B. Olson, at The Washington Post (via Jonathan Rauch)

Reclaiming Madison, by James Piereson, review of James Madison: A Life Reconsidered, by Lynne Cheney, The New Criterion

Financial Services & E-Commerce

An Overview of the New Wisconsin Trust Code, Stafford Rosenbaum LLP, Madison and Milwaukee

Intellectual Property

Is Hachette Being Hoisted by Its Own DRM Petard? by Bruce E. Boyden, Marquette University Law School Faculty Blog

Labor & Employment Law

When employees without children get envious of the accommodations made for employees with children, by Ann Althouse, Madison


Aviation Safety Unfairly Attacked, by Robert J. Williams, DRI Blog, Defense Research Institute

Professional Responsibility & Legal Education

Pro Bono Attorney Helps Rescue an Abused Child, Clinic Guides Veterans, Inside Track

Fables in Law, Chapter 3: Legal Lessons from Field, Forest, and Glen, by by D. Brock Hornby, 17 Green Bag 2d