Friday, June 6, 2014

Wisconsin Federalinks Fri June 6th

Milwaukee Chapter events: June 25th Hans von Spakovsky; July 17th Jeremy Rabkin; July 23rd (date changed) summer reception

Recent news and comment on law and policy (see Update to Federalism & Separation of Powers):

Administrative Law & Regulation

AG opinion: All drunken-driving convictions count when DMV revokes license, by Bruce Vielmetti, Proof and Hearsay, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, on OAG-02-14

FYI School Law Newsletter - May 2014, Boardman & Clark LLP, Madison

The 140,000-code question, The Economist

Civil Rights

Chicago Police Torture Scandal Revisited: Victim Cannot Relitigate Civil Case, by Joe Forward, WisBar News, on Cannon v. Burge, No. 12-1529 (7th Cir.)

Criminal Law & Procedure

SCOTUS Strengthens 8th Amendment Protections for Intellectually Disabled, by Michael M. O'Hear, Marquette University Law School Faculty Blog on Hall v. Florida (USSC No. 12-10882)

Looking Back to Look Forward: Reexamining the Application of the Third-Party Doctrine to Conveyed Papers, Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy, Volume 37 – Issue 1

Federalism & Separation of Powers

UPDATE: Judge strikes down Wisconsin same-sex marriage ban, by Associated Press, USA Today on Wolf v. Walker (W.D. Wis., 14CV64) (via Wisconsin Law Journal) (via SCOTUSblog)

Whose Majority Is It Anyway? Elite Signaling and Future Public Preferences, by Will Marks (with a preface by Suzanna Sherry), New Voices, Volume 1, Issue 1

Free Speech & Election Law

All Doe all the time, part one, by Rick Esenberg, Shark and Shepherd

Prosecutors: No evidence of aggressive raids in Doe probe, by Jason Stein, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Restatement of Intentional Torts: IIED, by Christopher J. Robinette, TortsProf Blog

Professional Responsibility & Legal Education

High court: Regulators can't warn public of serious lawyer misconduct probes, by Bruce Vielmetti, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Religious Liberties

Could Religious Leaders Be Taxed on Their Housing? by Melissa S. Kampmann, The Blue Ink, Ruder Ware, L.L.S.C., Wausau