Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wisconsin Federalinks Wed June 4th

Milwaukee Chapter events: June 25th Hans von Spakovsky; July 17th Jeremy Rabkin; July 24th summer reception

Recent news and comment on law and policy:

Administrative Law & Regulation

Supreme Court Confirms that Judges Can Assist Pro Se Litigants, Rules on Other Petitions, by Joe Forward, WisBar News

Civil Rights

More reflections on Brown and the "Iron Ring", by Rick Esenberg, Shark and Shepherd

Corporations, Securities & Antitrust

Crowdfunding law takes [took] effect Sunday, by Associated Press, Wisconsin State Journal (via WisPolitics)

Car & Truck Dealer Law Report – May 2014, Boardman & Clark LLP, Madison

Criminal Law & Procedure

Drunk Driving and the Fourth Amendment: The Implications of 'Missouri v. McNeely', with Orin S. Kerr, Rory Little, and David Stras, Practice Group Podcast, Federalist Society

Police lawfully extended stop of person driving a car owned by revoked driver, On Point, Wisconsin State Public Defender, on State v. Winberg (2013AP2661-CR WI App)

Judicial Council Criminal Procedure Subcommittee Seeks Input on Preliminary Hearings, by Sandy Lonergan, government relations coordinator, State Bar of Wisconsin, at Rotunda Report

Innocence Found: The New Revolution in American Criminal Justice, by Keith A. Findley, University of Wisconsin Law School, Chapter One in Controversies in Innocence Cases in America (Sarah Lucy Cooper, ed., 2014), Univ. of Wisconsin Legal Studies Research Paper No. 1263, Social Science Research Network

Federalism & Separation of Powers

Peter Wehner on Lynne Cheney’s Biography of James Madison, by Publius, FedSoc Blog

Financial Services & E-Commerce

Judges challenge Archdiocesan positions in bankruptcy case, by Annysa Johnson, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, on oral argument June 2nd 2014 in John Doe v. Archdiocese of Milwaukee (7th Cir., 13-3783)

Free Speech & Election Law

Wisconsin election board investigated both parties, agency head says, by Patrick Marley, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Labor & Employment Law

Unionized Employers: Review the Wage Provisions in Your Collective Bargaining Agreements, by Ryan N. Parsons, Wisconsin Appellate Law, Foley & Lardner LLP, Milwaukee, on Aguilar v. Husco Inc. (WI App, 2013AP265)

Litigating for the Future of Public Pensions in the United States, by Paul M. Secunda, Marquette University Law School, Marquette Law School Legal Studies Paper No. 14-19, Social Science Research Network


More Sections from the Restatement of Intentional Torts: Purpose, by Christopher J. Robinette, TortsProf Blog

Professional Responsibility & Legal Education

Legal Academia and the Blindness of the Elites, by Paul Campos, Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy, Volume 37 – Issue 1, based on his presentation at the Harvard Federalist Society’s conference on "Intellectual Diversity and the Legal Academy" held on April 5, 2013, at the Harvard Law School