Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Gagan Intends to “Move the Sticks” as President of the State Bar of Wisconsin

Joe Forward reported at WisBar News on last week's swearing-in of Robert Gagan as president of State Bar of Wisconsin.
"Gagan says he wants to focus on four major issues: helping young lawyers; promoting diversity and bar governance; making an impact on public policy and the reputation of the courts; and encouraging volunteerism and leadership with communities."
In particular,
"With his support, Gagan indicated that the State Bar’s Judicial Election Steering Committee will continue to pursue a change in the way state supreme court justices are elected. A task force appointed by former State Bar President Jim Brennan in 2011 concluded that a one, 16-year term for supreme court justices would work to remove negative aspects of the current system, which requires justices to run every 10 years."