Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Wisconsin Federalinks Tue July 1st

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Recent news and comment on law and policy:

Administrative Law & Regulation

More to Tax Rankings Than Meets the Eye, Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance

Corporations, Securities & Antitrust

The Penn State 'Consent Decree': The NCAA's Coercive Means Don't Justify the Laudable Ends, but Is There a Legal Remedy? by Matt Mitten, Marquette University - Law School, Pepperdine Law Review, Vol. 41, No. 2, 2014, Marquette Law School Legal Studies Paper No. 14-20, Social Science Research Network

Criminal Law & Procedure

Court of Appeals reverses order for involuntary medications for Waukesha County woman, by Bruce Vielmetti, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, on Waukesha County v. Kathleen H., 2014AP90

City failed to prove gun was used in commission of a crime, so it must be returned to owner, On Point, Wisconsin State Public Defender, on Ols v. City of Milwaukee, 2013AP1882

Failure to present evidence of alternative sources for child’s sexual knowledge wasn’t ineffective, On Point, Wisconsin State Public Defender, on State v. Brown, 2013AP1332-CR

Hearings on preliminary hearings becoming not so preliminary, by Eric Heisig, Court Gestures, Wisconsin Law Journal

Chime in: Judicial Council Subcommittee Looking for Feedback on Criminal Discovery Process, by Sandy Lonergan, government relations coordinator, State Bar of Wisconsin, at Rotunda Report

Study Committee on Problem-Solving Courts, Alternatives, and Diversions, Wisconsin Eye hearing video, June 25, 2014

Supreme Court to Rule on Internet Threats, WORT, Madison (via University of Wisconsin Law School)

The Limits of Textualism in Interpreting the Confrontation Clause, by Stephanos Bibas, Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy, Volume 37 – Issue 3, based on remarks at the The Federalist Society National Lawyers’ Convention—2013

Environmental Law & Property Rights

Utility watchdog wary of proposed merger, by Andrew Beckett, Wisconsin Radio Network (via Hamilton Consulting Group)

EPA Releases Major Greenhouse Gas Rules for Existing, Modified, and Reconstructed Power Plants, Hamilton Consulting Group, Madison

Federalism & Separation of Powers

Judge Pepper Testifies on Capitol Hill for Wisconsin’s Federal District Court Seat, by Joe Forward, Wis Bar News

Financial Services & E-Commerce

Boilerplate and Consent, by Nancy S. Kim, 17 Green Bag 2d

Free Speech & Election Law

Political action group sues over Wisconsin campaign money limits, by Bruce Vielmetti, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (via Hamilton Consulting Group)

Intellectual Property

Free Copyright Course for Educators & Librarians, by Bonnie Shucha, WisBlawg

Labor & Employment Law

Employers: Know Risks Before Instituting English-Only Workplace Rules, by Scott M. Paler, DeWitt Ross & Stevens S.C., Madison


Alchemy: Medical Mediation at Its Best, by Martha Gaines, University of Wisconsin - Madison, and Susan Sanford-Ring, University of Wisconsin, Focus on Patient Safety: A Newsletter from the National Patient Safety Foundation, Vol. 7, No. 4, 2004, Univ. of Wisconsin Legal Studies Research Paper No. 1266, Social Sciences Research Network

Professional Responsibility & Legal Education

Three Cheers for Three Retirees, Jane E. Casper, Janine P. Geske, and Phoebe Williams, Marquette Lawyer Magazine

Grow Your Clientele and Serve the Public: Join the State Bar's Referral Service, Inside Track

Marquette Law School Wins 2014 Diversity Matters Award, by Melissa L. Greipp, Marquette University Law School Faculty Blog

Machines v. Lawyers, by John O. McGinnis, City Journal (via DRI Today)