Thursday, August 21, 2014

FS WI law & policy review - week of August 11th (part 4)

Recent news and comment on law and policy:

Administrative Law & Regulation

A Decade After Adoption of Federal DPPA, Treatment of Personal Information Remains Unclear, Stafford Rosenbaum LLP, Madison

Study Committee on the Student Achievement Guarantee in Education (SAGE) Program, Wisconsin Eye

Mariucci v. Wisconsin Department of Revenue, Wisconsin Tax Appeals Commission, 11-I-295

Criminal Law & Procedure

Supreme Court: Identity of Confidential Informer Remains Confidential, by Joe Forward, WisBar News, on State v. Nellessen, 2014 WI 84 (2012AP150-CR)

Child’s guardians can participate as a party in TPR proceeding, On Point, Wisconsin State Public Defender, on Green County DHS v. Barret W.S., 2014AP1155

Financial Services & E-Commerce

Wisconsin's Mutual Thrifts Have Bright Future...and Options, by Peter Wilder and James A. Sheriff, Godfrey & Kahn S.C., Milwaukee

Free Speech & Election Law

Decision Halting Walker Criminal Probe "Completely Unmoored", by Brendan Fischer, The Progressive, Madison

Intellectual Property

Holy trademark non-infringement, Batman! by Eugene Volokh at The Volokh Conspiracy in The Washington Post, on Fortres Grand Corp. v. Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. (7th Cir. No. 13-2337)

International & National Security Law

Surveillance, National Security, and Privacy: The PCLOB Report on Section 702 Surveillance, by Rachel Brand, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, James X. Dempsey, Center for Democracy & Technology, and Matthew R.A. Heiman, Tyco International Ltd., Practice Group Podcast, Federalist Society

Labor & Employment Law

Hot Trend or Lame Fad? Brick and Mortar Retail Locations without Sales Staff, by Chris A. Jenny, Madison, and William R. West and & James J. Wawrzyn, Milwaukee, von Briesen & Roper S.C.

Reevaluating the Seventh Circuit’s Approach to Contract Clause Claims in an Age of Pension Reform, Comment by Thomas McDonell, Wisconsin Law Review


What is a ‘final judgment or order’ for the purposes of appeal? by Kimberly Alderman, Wisconsin Law Journal

Depositions for Use in Other States (Hearing Order 13-16), Inside Track

Professional Responsibility & Legal Education

Give clients service a robot can’t, by Ed Poll, Wisconsin Law Journal

ABA Resolution 109 on Cyber Security and DRI's Data Breach and Privacy Law Seminar, by Brooks Magratten, Pierce Atwood LLP, Providence, DRI Blog

Financial Management: Is Your Firm on the Right Track? by Tom Palzewicz, ActionCOACH, Elm Grove, interviewed by Joe Forward, Inside Track

Religious Liberties

Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. , by Michael W. McConnell, Engage: The Journal of the Federalist Society Practice Groups