Friday, November 21, 2014

Legislative Council Study Committee on Tax Incremental Financing

Video at WisconsinEye,
"On November 13, 2014, the Legislative Council Study Committee on Tax Incremental Financing held a public meeting to discuss ideas for pending legislation for the 2015-2017 session. The will discuss WLC: 0018/P2, relating to standing joint review boards, annual joint review board meetings, annual reports on tax incremental districts submitted to joint review boards and the department of revenue, department of revenue audits of political subdivisions failing to comply with annual reporting requirements, and granting rule-making authority; WLC: 0035/P1, relating to industrial zoning requirements in a tax incremental district; WLC: 0036/P1, relating to planning commission notice for amendment of a tax incremental district project plan; WLC: 0037/P1, relating to the department of revenue review and determination of industry-specific town tax incremental district project compliance; and WLC: 0038/P1, relating to authorizing any tax incremental district to use allocated tax increments donated from another tax incremental district."