Friday, September 4, 2015

Do many reporters get why Kim Davis is in jail? Hint: Investigate Kentucky laws

Terry Mattingly at Get Religion.
"Here is a crucial question to which I cannot find an answer: Does Kim Davis, under current Kentucky law, have to put her name on a license to make it valid. I ask because Davis is on record as supporting compromises in which gay citizens could receive marriage licenses without a signature from the local clerk or with the signature of another willing clerk appointed by a judge or the state.
"And there is one other legal complication, at the state level. You are not seeing this fact in the national-level coverage, either.
'Martin Cothran, an analyst for the Family Foundation of Kentucky, criticized [Kentucky Gov. Steve] Beshear for not issuing an executive order or calling a special session to accommodate the religious beliefs of Davis and other clerks.
'He also criticized [U.S. District Judge David L.] Bunning for failing to comply with the state Religious Freedom Restoration Law, which requires the government to pursue the least restrictive option when curtailing religious rights.'"