Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Justice Abrahamson’s Concerns Over the 2015-16 Docket

Alan Ball of Marquette University at SCOWstats,
"In September, when the Supreme Court issued an order granting review in State v. Salinas (2013AP2686), readers who turned to the second page were likely surprised by an unusual comment added by Justice Abrahamson, who expressed apprehension over the state of affairs on two fronts: (1) the number of cases on the court’s calendar for the 2015-16 term; and (2) the percentage of these cases that presented unpublished decisions from the court of appeals.

"Justice Abrahamson’s unease invites scrutiny of various sorts—one being the question of whether these developments represent departures from the court’s practice in previous terms. Here is ground on which SCOWstats may be of service, for we can compare figures for 2015-16 with data from the previous twenty terms and determine to what extent, if any, 2015-16 marks a departure from the norm established over the last two decades. ..."