Tuesday, October 27, 2015

State Bar Committee Seeks Bipartisan Support for 16-year Term Proposal

Brittney Weiland, public affairs coordinator, State Bar of Wisconsin, Madison, at Rotunda Report,
"The 16-year term proposal is unique to Wisconsin. After studying other states and their judicial election processes, the task force felt that that their proposal was the most fitting for the culture of the state.

"'We can live with an election, and we can live with a very vigorous election process to elect someone in the first term,' [Judicial Election Steering Committee member Tom] Shriner said. 'But justices sitting on the court shouldn’t be subjected to re-election while they’re sitting and deciding cases.'

"According to its drafters, the proposal is not intended to disrupt the current composition of the court, and it still enables those who are elected to serve long, fulfilling terms without the distraction of campaigning for re-election. The task force made sure that their proposal did not undermine the election process – considering the fact that elections are important to Wisconsin and its history."