Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Federalism & Separation of Powers (through Mar 18)

SCOTUS after Scalia and the 2016 election, interview with Professor Chad Oldfather, Marquette University Law School, WTMJ, Milwaukee

The Senate Must Consider Supreme Court Nominations in Due Course by Edward A. Fallone, Marquette University Law School Faculty Blog

A Tribute to Justice Scalia: Short video commemorating the life and work of Justice Scalia, The Federalist Society

What Is Obviously Wrong With the Federal Judiciary, Yet Eminently Curable, Part I, by Richard A. Posner, 19 GREEN BAG 2D 187

The Case for Originalism: Adhering to the original public meaning of the Constitution doesn’t mean that there is no role for interpretation, by Ilan Wurman, City Journal

Does the President Have A Duty To Nominate Supreme Court Candidates? Does the Senate Have A Duty To Consider Nominees? by Seth Barrett Tillman, The New Reform Club