Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Free Speech & Election Law (through Mar 4)

Ted Cruz as a Natural Born Citizen, by J. Gordon Hylton, Marquette University Law School Faculty Blog

Marquette makes list of 10 worst colleges for free speech, by M.D. Kittle, Wisconsin Watchdog

#FreeStacy: The Old Regime and the Twitter Revolution, by Robert Tracinski, at The Federalist

Three key steps needed to reform the House, by Jonathan Turak and John C. Tucker, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "Although [former Supreme Court Justice John Paul] Stevens' goal is noble, it would be easier and more expeditious to tax political contributions at the rate of 100%, an action that would preserve the giver's 'free speech' but remove any financial advantage for the recipient."

Q&A: Amy Walter on Primary Elections and U.S. Supreme Court Vacancy, Inside Track

John Doe Foes Worried About Appeal? by Bruce Thompson, Urban Milwaukee