Sunday, August 7, 2016

Law and Policy Review (through August 5)

We're back after a week's absence. The aggregating websites and blogs that used to be included here have been moved to a cross-column spot just below this blog's header and page tabs. So they should always be available viewed on a PC, but might not be if viewed on a mobile device. (The latter's simplified view might also be excluding our sidebar content.) What remains are more literally policy-related reviews.

Wisconsin Administrative Register No. 728A1, Legislative Reference Bureau

Rewind: Your Week in Review, WisconsinEye video, "On August 05, 2016, WisconsinEye President & CEO Jon Henkes and WisPolitics Senior Editor JR Ross discussed the week in politics."

Week In Review: Trump's Troubles, Tuition Freeze And Schools' Successes, The Joy Cardin Show, Wisconsin Public Radio

RightWisconsin Week in Review, WTMJ Milwaukee