Friday, March 10, 2017

March 13th, Wisconsin Constitution Day?

"When voters rejected the first draft (1846) of the Wisconsin constitution, a second constitutional convention was called in 1847. This produced a less controversial document that was approved on Feb. 1, 1848, adopted by voters on March 13, 1848, and is still, with amendments, the basic law of the land in Wisconsin.

"As soon as it was approved by the delegates, newspaper publishers rushed copies into print so voters could evaluate it. The first printing appears to have been in the Potosi Republican on Feb. 10, 1848; Madison printers H.A. Tenney and Beriah Brown issued it in pamphlet form about the same time. We give here a color facsimile of the Beriah Brown edition, which accurately reflects the document that voters endorsed and the U.S. Congress approved when it made Wisconsin a state on May, 29, 1848"

at Wisconsin Historical Society