Sunday, October 22, 2017

Wisconsin appellate court week October 23rd-27th 2017

Tuesday, October 24th Supreme Court Panel

Below are links to various court opinions relevant to the event. If you are a Wisconsin Attorney and wish to receive CLE credit for attending, please access and review this material in advance of the discussion.
- Operton v. Labor and Industry Review Commission, 2017 WI 46
- Milewski v. Town of Dover, 2017 WI 79
- State v. Weber, 2016 WI 96
- Voces De La Frontera, Inc. v. Clarke, 2017 WI 16
- Democratic Party of Wisconsin v. Wisconsin Department of Justice, 2016 WI 100
- Manitowoc Company, Inc. v. Lanning, 2016 WI APP 72

Supplement to last week:

Justice Kelly a Maverick? An Update on Fourth Amendment Cases, by Alan Ball, Marquette University, SCOWstat

Fiscal 2017 State Bar Financials, Wisconsin Lawyer - October 2017

Court of Appeals Digest, by Profs. Daniel D. Blinka and Thomas J. Hammer, Marquette University Law School, Wisconsin Lawyer - October 2017

A Conversation We Can't Avoid, by Larry J. Martin, executive director, State Bar of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Lawyer - October 2017

The Supreme Court October 30, 2017 public rules hearing agenda is now available. The hearing will be on petitions regarding
- Mandatory State Bar Dues No. 17-04
- Multi-Party Briefing in Appellate Matters, No. 17-05

Tough Talk and the Institutional Legitimacy of Our Courts, Hallows Lecture by Chief Justice Patience Drake Roggensack, Marquette Lawyer - Fall 2017

This week:

Here are the lists of the Wisconsin Court System's links to:

as they are posted.

Supreme Court pending cases and pending disciplinary complaints include those scheduled for oral argument October 23rd (see Synopses; a link to live streaming audio of oral arguments is available; Wisconsin Eye has tentatively scheduled video coverage;) and November 1st, 7th, and 14th and December 1st and 5th. Dates set aside for arguments but to which specific cases have not yet been scheduled can be found on the Yearly Oral Argument Schedule - 2017/2018 Term.

The next conference on pending petitions for review is November 13th.

Pending rules petitions include those scheduled for hearing or conference October 30th (see Agenda; a link to live streaming audio of rule hearings and conferences is available;) and November 6th.

The Court of Appeals has oral argument scheduled for October 23rd and 31st, and November 14th and 21st.

U.S. Supreme Court, 2016 Term, Latest slip opinions

U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit Opinions and Unpublished Orders