Sunday, March 8, 2020

Wisconsin appellate court week March 9th-13th 2020

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Upcoming Federalist Society events include

March 13th-14th "The Structural Constitution in the 21st Century", National Student Symposium, University of Michigan Law School, Ann Arbor (details and registration)

March 31st Rick Graber, President and CEO of the Bradley Foundation, at the Milwaukee Club, other details to follow, Milwaukee Lawyers Chapter (save the date)

April 25th Inaugural Midwestern Lawyers Chapters Conference, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, Springfield, Illinois, presented by the Chicago, St. Louis, and Jefferson City Lawyers Chapters (save the date)

April 28th "Separation of Powers and the Administrative State" Eighth Annual Executive Branch Review Conference, Washington, DC (Save the date)

May 8th Wisconsin Lawyers Chapters Conference, Pewaukee, Milwaukee Lawyers Chapter and Madison Lawyers Chapter (save the date)

Supplement to last week

Appeals Court: Sports Memorabilia Collection Contract Not Enforceable, by Joe Forward, WisBar News, on Habel v. Estate of Capelli, 2019AP314 (Recommended for publication)

Deal Jumpers by Michael D. Cicchini, 2021 U. Illinois L. Rev. __ (2021, Forthcoming) SSRN (2020), via Wisconsin State Public Defender

Wrongful Detention, on Mueller v. TL90108 LLC, 2020 WI 7, Wisconsin Civil Justice Council

Appeals Court: Arrest Records Must Be Expunged from State Crime Database, by Joe Forward, WisBar News, State v. Hall, 2018AP227 (Recommended for publication)

Agency Rulemaking Procedures, on Applegate-Bader Farm LLC v. DOR, 2018AP1239 (Recommended for publication), Wisconsin Civil Justice Council

Construction Statute of Repose, Nooyen v. Wisconsin Electric Power Co., 2019AP289 (Recommended for publication), Wisconsin Civil Justice Council

State Bar to Host Supreme Court Candidate Debate on March 19, Inside Track, State Bar of Wisconsin (RSVP by March 17th)

No Pretext: Wisconsin Employers Win Federal Appeals in Discrimination Cases, by Joe Forward, Inside Track, State Bar of Wisconsin, on Robertson v. State of Wisconsin Department of Health Services (7th Cir. No. 19-1179) and Stelter v. Wisconsin Physician’s Service Ins. Corp. (7th Cir. No. 18-3689)

Election Ahead: Q&A with State Bar of Wisconsin President-elect Candidates, Inside Track, State Bar of Wisconsin

Hamilton Political Tidbits, Hamilton Consulting Group, Madison

Political Advertising, Digital Platforms, and the Democratic Deficiencies of Self-Regulation, Robert Yablon, University of Wisconsin Law School, 104 Minn. L. Rev. Headnotes 13 (2020), Univ. of Wisconsin Legal Studies Research Paper No. 1584

Focused Ethnography: A Methodological Approach for Engaged Legal Research, by Tonya Brito, Daanika Gordon and David J. Pate, Jr., in From the Ground Up: Legal Scholarship for the Urban Core, ed. Peter Enrich & Rashmi Dyal-Chand (Cambridge Univ. Press, 2019), Univ. of Wisconsin Legal Studies Research Paper No. 1583

State Bar of Wisconsin - Board of Governors Positions, Bill Track 50, 2019-2020 Regular Session

This week:

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Supreme Court pending cases and pending disciplinary complaints include those scheduled for oral argument:

Dates set aside for arguments but to which specific cases have not yet been scheduled can be found on the Yearly Oral Argument Schedule - 2019/2020 Term.

Next conference on pending petitions for review:

Pending rules petitions include those scheduled for hearing or conference:

The Court of Appeals has oral argument scheduled for:

U.S. Supreme Court 2019 Term:
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- March 2020 (March 23rd-April 1st)
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