Friday, April 10, 2020

Wisconsin appellate court week April 13th-17th 2020

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Upcoming Federalist Society events include

April 28th "Separation of Powers and the Administrative State" Eighth Annual Executive Branch Review Conference, Washington, DC (Save the date)

September 3rd Wisconsin Lawyers Chapters Conference, Pewaukee, Milwaukee Lawyers Chapter and Madison Lawyers Chapter -rescheduled from May 8th- (save the date)

Supplement to last week

Supreme Court rules that primary can proceed on Tuesday, by Scott Bauer and Steve Peoples, Associated Press, Wisconsin Law Journal

Justia Opinion Summary, Schillinger v. Kiley, No. 18-2404 (7th Cir. 2020)

Appellate court operational changes extended through May 22, by Michaela Paukner, Wisconsin Law Journal

- Supreme Court Digest and
- Court of Appeals Digest, by Profs. Daniel D. Blinka and Thomas J. Hammer, Marquette University Law School
- Lawyer Discipline, Office of Lawyer Regulation
Wisconsin Lawyer - April 2020

- Hope for the Best, but Prepare for the Worst, President's Message column by Jill M. Kastner, Legal Action of Wisconsin Inc., Milwaukee, president, State Bar of Wisconsin
- Honoring Our History, Your State Bar column by Larry J. Martin, executive directo, State Bar of Wisconsin
Wisconsin Lawyer - April 2020

US Supreme Court split on scope in Wisconsin absentee ballot opinion, by Michaela Paukner, Wisconsin Law Journal

Wisconsin Supreme Court Oral Arguments – March & April, Wisconsin Civil Justice Council

Supreme Court Order: Appellate Motions and Responses May Be Filed by Email, WisBar News

Coming soon to SCOW: Zoom oral arguments, On Point, Wisconsin State Public Defender

Wisconsin courts turn to livestreaming to keep courts open, accessible, Wisconsin Court System

State Bar of Wisconsin - Board of Governors Positions, Bill Track 50, 2019-2020 Regular Session: Eight strongly supported bills and two strongly opposed bills failed to pass.

This week:

Here are the lists of the Wisconsin Court System's links to:

as they are posted.

Supreme Court pending cases and pending disciplinary complaints include those scheduled for oral argument:

Dates set aside for arguments but to which specific cases have not yet been scheduled can be found on the Yearly Oral Argument Schedule - 2019/2020 Term.

Next conference on pending petitions for review:

Pending rules petitions include those scheduled for hearing or conference:

The Court of Appeals has oral argument scheduled for:

U.S. Supreme Court 2019 Term:
Calendars and Lists; Argument Calendar:
Argument for
- April 2020 (April 20th-29th) [postponed]
Latest slip opinions

U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit: this week's Opinions and Unpublished Orders