Sunday, April 26, 2020

Wisconsin appellate court week April 27th-May 1st 2020

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Upcoming Federalist Society events include

April 27th-May 1st webinars and teleforum discussions "Separation of Powers and the Administrative State" Eighth Annual Executive Branch Review Conference, Washington, DC (save the dates)

September 3rd Wisconsin Lawyers Chapters Conference, Pewaukee, Milwaukee Lawyers Chapter and Madison Lawyers Chapter -rescheduled from May 8th- (save the date)

Supplement to last week

Wisconsin Supreme Court oral argument
- Bartlett v. Evers, 2019AP1376-OA
- Wisconsin Small Business United Inc. v. Brennan, 2019AP2054-OA
- Hammer v. Board of Bar Examiners, 2019AP1974-BA

Wisconsin justices consider scaling back Evers’ veto powers, by Todd Richmond, Associated Press, Wisconsin Law Journal

Jill Karofsky and "Bloc Cohesion" at the Wisconsin Supreme Court, by Alan Ball, Marquette University, SCOWstats

Justia Opinion Summary, Skyrise Construction Group LLC v. Annex Construction LLC, No. 19-1461 (7th Cir.)

Court of Appeals addresses a couple of common sentence credit issues, State v. Kontny, 2019AP1257-CR, Wisconsin State Public Defender

Wisconsin Supreme Court oral argument
- Warren v. Meisner, 2019AP567-W
- Papa v. Wisconsin Dept. of Health Services, 2016AP2082 and 2017AP634
- State v. Dobbs, 2018AP319-CR

SCOTUS holds Constitution requires unanimous jury in state criminal trials, Ramos v. Louisiana, USSC No. 18-5924, Wisconsin State Public Defender

Clean Water Act Covers Groundwater Discharges, Supreme Court Rules, County of Maui v. Hawaii Wildlife Fund, USSC No. 2018–260The New York Times

Justia Opinion Summary United States v. Perez, No. 18-3156 (7th Cir.)

Seventh Circuit rejects challenge to Act 79 search of person on ES, United States v. Caya (7th Cir. No. 19-2469)

2020 State Bar Membership Card Expiration Date Extended to Sept. 30, WisBar News

Bar Advocacy Efforts Go Digital, Rotunda Report, State Bar of Wisconsin

State Bar President-elect Post Goes to Cheryl Daniels, WisBar News

State Bar of Wisconsin - Board of Governors Positions, Bill Track 50, 2019-2020 Regular Session

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Dates set aside for arguments but to which specific cases have not yet been scheduled can be found on the Yearly Oral Argument Schedule - 2019/2020 Term.

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