Practice Groups and •subcommittees

Here is a consolidated list of the Federalist Society's Practice Groups and the subcommittees of each.

Practice Groups

Administrative Law & Regulation
 •Constitutional Structure
 •Federal Regulatory Reform
 •Judicial Review
 •State Regulatory Reform

Civil Rights
 •Electoral Process
 •Employment & Contracting
 •Second Amendment
 •State Initiatives

Corporations, Securities & Antitrust
 •Corporate Governance
 •International Business
 •Securities & Corporate Finance

Criminal Law & Procedure
 •Corporate and Computer Crime
 •Criminal Procedure Rules
 •Death Penalty
 •Juvenile Justice
 •Sentencing and Corrections

Environmental Law & Property Rights
 •Air Quality
 •Energy & Natural Resources
 •Enforcement & Compliance
 •Hazardous Waste & Toxic Tort
 •Land Use
 •Water Quality
 •Wetlands & Endangered Species

Federalism & Separation of Powers
 •Congressional-Executive Powers
 •Role of the Courts
 •Scholarship and Academic Affairs

Financial Services & E-Commerce
 •Bankruptcy Practice
 •Legislative Developments
 •Monetary Policy/International Issues
 •Regulatory Initiatives

Free Speech & Election Law
 •Advertising Law & Regulatory
 •Election Law
 •Free Speech & Harassment Codes
 •Media Law

Intellectual Property
 •Computer Law
 •International Practice

International & National Security Law
 •Human Rights & Immigration
 •International Organizations
 •International Tribunals
 •National Security
 •Trade, E-Commerce, & Investment

Labor & Employment Law
 •Discrimination & Disability Law
 •Pro Bono Outreach
 •State Employment Law
 •Union Activity & Individual Employee Rights

 •Class Actions
 •Federal Jurisdiction
 •Securities Litigation
 •Torts & Product Liability
 •Trial & Appellate

Professional Responsibility & Legal Education
 •Corporate Practice
 •Ethics in Litigation
 •Legal Education
 •Pro Bono Service

Religious Liberties
 •Federal Constitution Litigation
 •International Issues
 •Legislative Developments
 •School Choice & Education Reform

Telecommunications & Electronic Media
 •Common Carrier
 •International Developments
 •Mass Media