October 23rd "Liberty's Champion: How Congress Can Check The Expanding State" panel discussion, Federalist Society Chicago Lawyers Chapter, Hon. Bob Barr, Prof. John Yoo, and Dean Reuter (details and registration)

October 23rd John Riley on the tragic lack of educational, social and economic advancement among many African-Americans in America and why black political success hasn’t made a difference, Badger Institute (details and registration)

October 31st "The Education Marketplace" Will Flanders and Corey DeAngelis, at University Club of Milwaukee, Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (details and registration)

November 15th-17th Federalist Society National Lawyers Convention, DC Young Lawyers Chapter, Washington DC Lawyers Chapter, Capitol Hill Chapter (save the dates)

January 16th John McAdams "How Academia Became Corrupt" Milwaukee, Wisconsin Forum (details and registration)

March 15th-16th Federalist Society National Student Symposium, Arizona State Student Chapter, Phoenix (save the dates)

Federalist Society Events nationwide